Benedicte qualified in the UK. She worked in France and then moved to New Zealand where she met her husband Simon. She worked in many practices around the East Coast before settling down in Hawke's Bay with her two children. She follows post graduate courses every year all around the globe, from France to Australia, maintaining high standards in her practice. She is now a recognized senior osteopath with more than 20 years experience. She treats many conditions from emotional disorders to mechanical unbalances. Her approach is very unique and makes her a very busy practitioner. 

  • 1999, Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy from the University of Wales. 

  • post graduate education in the treatment of orthodontics issues

  • post graduate education in the treatment of babies and toddler

  • post graduate education in the treatment of teenagers.

  • Upledger cranio saccral education ( CS1 and CS2) and somato emotionnal release (SR1)

  • Upledger cranio saccral education for the immune system and depletion syndrome.

  • Barral manipulation (Abdomen 1 and 2, Pelvis, thorax, and related to the emotionnal field). 

  • Post graduate in facial release. 


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Maëlle graduated in France in 2012 then moved to England to work in Manchester with Philip Owen. After a couple of years in the UK, she left for French Polynesia where she worked as head osteopath at The Brando Hotel on Marlon's Brando private island. She treated many celebrities there, including Leonardo Di Caprio, Victoria Secret's angels, Catherine Deneuve. After a while on the private atoll, she received a call from Bora Bora's physiotherapists where an osteopath was wanted in the local clinic. She worked for many years on the famous island until it was time for a new adventure. In 2019 she qualified as a Pilates instructor in Auckland with Polestar Pilates, world leader of Pilates for physiotherapists and decided to move to New Zealand after that. Benedicte and her started their association in early 2020 at Mayfair Osteopathic Clinic. 

  • Master of Osteopathy - British School of Osteopathy, London UK

  • Thesis on "The osteopathic care of myopia"

  • Post-graduate course on "Advanced structural manipulations" - British School of Osteopathy, London with David Evans

  • Post-graduate course on "Surgical manipulations" - ATMAN Center, Nice France with Marc Bozzetto 

  • Polestar Pilates Instructor program - Auckland New Zealand, with Emily Adams

  • Post-graduate course on "Hip and knee assessment" - Axis Sport Medicine, New Zealand

  • Post graduate course on "Axial Spondyloarthritis Management" with Zoe Clark UK

  • Post-graduate course on "Back pain : finding solutions for your aching back" - Harvard Medical School, USA with Dr Leonaura Rhodes

  • Post-graduate course on "Exercise rehabilitation for neck pain" - University College of Osteopathy UK

  • Post-graduate course "Central sensitisation and pain" with Matt Wallden UK